Whitepapers, Benchmarks & Studies

Whitepapers, Benchmarks & Studies

CMOE runway forecasts continue to decline thru 2nd Qtr 2024

A review of CMOE numbers across more than 100 companies nationwide shows that CMOE runway numbers continue to decline.  This article includes instructions for calculating your CMOE.

Profitability forecasts in an era of declining commission percentages

A recent study finds that even minor decreases in the commission rates charged to sellers will make virtually all US real estate brokerages unprofitable.

Using Quickbooks with Excel spreadsheets will block your growth.

The additional minutes per transaction increases labor costs to a level that cannot scale. This study executed time trials to determine exactly how much Quickbooks costs.

What is the true value of a new recruit ?

This study examined the average company dollar returned to a brokerage's Gross Profit in the 1st year of a new recruit.  It also looked at the percentages of recruits that produce nothing in their first year - and it examined the likelihood of recruiting higher producing agents and their net value to your company.

Top 5 Closing departments in the US.  How do they do it ?

We gathered the top 10 closing departments nationwide to see what they have in common. The staff in these closing departments close far more transactions per person per month than the national average. 

Top Efficiency tip 4: Closers shouldn't make deposits

most Top producing closing departments don’t have the closing department staff do anything with deposits except double-check that they were done

Occupancy costs are rising at Century 21 offices

The pandemic taught us that a Real Estate company can run virtually.  So why is offices spending more on occupancy post-pandemic ?

The evolution of back office accounting software

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