Tools and support to help you master the platform


Import listings and photos from any MLS automatically 24/7. Capture updates to your listings and photos automatically and transmit your listings to your franchise. If you ever need it, darwin lets you grab new listings and updates on-demand too!

Historical Data from Old Software

You can take it with you! Let AccountTECH help you bring your historical financial data and agent production data. Year-over-year reports will show your old data in your new software.

Loading API Info from Other Software Programs

Learn how darwin connects to the other software programs you rely on. Gather and merge data from all your systems for real "single point of entry" and simplified franchise reporting. See why we say: "Everything talks to AccountTECH"

Multiple Companies in the Same Software

darwin supports all your companies in the same software. darwin keeps separate financials for each company, but lets you roll-up all your companies for a unified view of your complete organization.

Pending Transaction

See how darwin updates pending transactions and how all the software programs you use help keep your pending transactions updated for your Brokers, your Agents and your franchise.

Gross Commission & Payments

Watch how darwin makes it easy to divide the gross commission between multiple agents. You can specify who gets the award credit and then you can pay everyone by direct deposit or check. Remeber that Agents are not the only people who need to get paid on a closing, so darwin handles that too!

Commission Calculation

darwin can handle every commission plan in your company, no matter how complicated the commission plans. See how the flexibility in darwin lets it handle every commission calculation for every situation.


There are lots of reasons to pay an override. And maybe there are many people who should get an override on the same agent. And sometimes you need sequential overrides. darwin calculates and accounts for all of this automatically.

MLS to Dash

See how darwin automates dash so you never have to do any data entry in dash ever again.

Customizing Reports

Every broker has different ideas about what data should be shown on their reports...and that changes depending on if you are showing a report to managers vs agents. darwin lets you customize every report to show only the data that matters to you.


Escrow accounting lets you record escrow deposits, write escrow checks and reconcile escrow bank accounts. If your company uses and escrow application to collect buyer's deposits, it's likely that your escrow software already is integrated with AccountTECH.

Agent Billing

Agent billing in darwin is automatic. Send agent bills by email or let agents log into to view and pay their bills online. darwin supports payment by commission deduction, check, credit card and ACH withdrawal...all within the software without using any third party software or bank websites.


1099 are calculated, printed and submitted from darwin - no matter what 1099 calculation formula you use.

Security Levels & Controlling User Access

In these times, security is much more than a username and password. Learn how AccountTECH uses a multi-layered approach to protect your company and your data.