Nothing is more important than security

Security is always the highest priority at AccountTech. From concept to design to execution, it informs everything we do. AccountTech uses a multi-layered, mult-dimensional approach to constantly reduce attack surfaces and guard against external and internal threats.

Security is much more than user permissions. A comprehensive strategy is needed to ensure the right hardware, software and people are in place to protect sensitive data.

At the outermost level, all AccountTech resources are protected by CloudFlare. Among other protections, CloudFlare helps prevent DDoS attacks. The AccountTech perimeter is protected by FortiNet Enterprise Class firewalls, and Geo-Blocking is used to limit connections to a few authorized countries. To prevent bad actors from gaining unauthorized access to the network, Cisco Duo is implemented with two-factor authentication for each user. As an added safeguard, we have 24/7 in-person monitoring to watch all traffic in and out of our networks.

Citrix ADC provides the final layer of protection to the AccountTech network. We deploy Citrix ADC with Citrix Unified Gateway and Citrix AppFirewall, which provides a level of protection that is not possible using a less secure platform.


read AccountTECH Security handbook here

Different people in any organization require different access to information. The security levels throughout darwin are very granular. Assign different roles to control what screens and reports a user can access. This ensures users only view data that impacts their area of responsibilities.

With each user login, you control which companies and offices a user can see. In the user setup, you even control which bank accounts they can work with.

Agents, managers and owners who need real time access to reports and analytics use This grants access to any of the reports and data you have given them permission to view.

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