Over 25 years of listening, engineering and evolving

Our History

We began in the early 1990’s as a real estate accounting firm. Our design and development is informed by this heritage and our focus on the challenges of profitability for brokerages. We built our first back office accounting software as an internal proprietary tool. This was an innovative milestone as we were the first real estate accounting firm to develop its own program. When brokerages started to inquire about our software, we started selling it directly to brokers.


The most effective software developers are the ones who understand the importance of adaptation. When API integration technology became ubiquitous, developers in the real estate industry began to see its potential. AccountTECH was an early adopter. In 2017, we launched a three-year, multi-million dollar project to rebuild our platform from the ground up. Utilizing the latest technology and over 25 years of experience, our team developed the most sophisticated and efficient back office software the real estate industry has ever seen. We call it darwin.

Our People

AccountTECH is a company where people want to stay. We pride ourselves on inclusion and treating our co-workers with respect and compassion. Our head of programming has been with us for over two decades. Most members of our leadership team have 10 to 15 years at the firm. This continuity––and the collegial, productive environment it represents––is the key to our success. Software development requires relentless change, creativity and flexibility. It is demanding work. We’re proud of our team and attribute our success to the fact that we view each other as colleagues and not just employees.