Unify your organization with advanced cloud technology is a portal available to everyone in your organization. Owners, managers, agents and developers all-access to receive and update information in real-time. ensures your leadership has the reports and interactive dashboards they need to run the company - and agents have access to all the reports they need to run their business.

Cloud Team

For Agents

When an agent logs into, they will find reports on their individual performance, such as their YTD production or last month’s agent bill. But they can do much more.

Supplement the data darwin has pulled from MLS by adding photos and open house appointments to listings. Store transaction documents and buyer agency documents in a central hub. Update direct deposit bank account and credit card information. Pay agent bills through, which automatically records the payment in darwin financials.

For Owners and Managers

Owners and managers use for reporting and analytics. darwin’s robust report library includes the foundational reports created by AccountTECH as well as any of your custom reports. Reports can be made accessible to your whole organization or specific individuals.

Organizations focused on understanding trendlines can harness the analytical power of dashboards. Filter dashboard analytics in a number of ways to compare data. Select different date ranges and analyze reports by location, company, office or agent. These dashboards can be utilized for analyzing closings, financials, listings, pendings, recruiting and PPP.

For Developers

darwin is built entirely using APIs and SQL. You can combine the API calls in darwin with your security token to read and write data from your own application into the darwin database. Since has the same interface as darwin, you can frame the pages of in your application to get instant and complete back office software and accounting.

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