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Published on August 5, 2023

the Evolution of darwin is darwin.Cloud

All the features and functionality of and darwin Citrix are being combined into a single, unified platform that is 100% web based and secured without the need for Citrix.

darwin.Cloud has the look and feel of darwin.  Your staff won’t need training on how to use darwin.Cloud, because the screens and the navigation look just like what they are used to… only in a web browser.

To log into darwin.Cloud, everyone will just use their pre-existing darwin usernames & passwords. And for Agents, they also will use their pre-existing usernames and passwords but at the darwin.Cloud website.  For agents, the biggest advantage is their new home page.  It is now personalized analytics about them.

For the most important common things that Agents always did in Run Reports about themselves and Update their credit card / bank account and pay their bills … these items work exactly the same. It's true the screens look better, but they work the same.

darwin.Cloud is not yet completely finished … but the pre-existing darwin features are more than 90% complete and available in darwin.Cloud.  There are some exciting new features coming by the end of this month, and we expect to be completely done by the end of summer.  

In the meantime, as portions of darwin.Cloud are finished, we are releasing them to our existing clients.  You can login with your existing darwin credentials at darwin.Cloud.  Please remember, it does not matter if you work in darwin.Cloud or darwin Citrix.  Both versions connect to your live data - and any work you do in either system is saved for you and everyone to see and work with.

Below, I have created an introduction to navigation for your staff and agents.  Hopefully this will make it clear how darwin.Cloud brings your current darwin together with Transaction Plan in a way that will feel very familiar to you.

Ready to evolve?

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