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Published on September 1, 2022

Reports that link Profit & Loss reports to Agent Productivity

Here are a few sample reports that uncover the relationship between Agent Productivity and the Brokerage profitability

Profitability per Agent - It costs a certain amount of money to run a Brokerage.  Those costs have to be paid entirely by the Broker/Owner's share on the commissions closed.  Since your accounting system knows how much money it costs to operate, it is possible to see if the earnings from each agent are enough to cover the costs associate with each agent

Dependency Risk - What if you have too few agents earning most of the money for an office.  This can make the Brokerage at risk for becoming unprofitable by losing just a few agents. In this example, 42% of the monthly overhead is being paid by only 4 out of the 37 agents that work in the company.

CMOE - Current Month Overhead Expense analysis.  Over time, each office establishes a baseline for how much it costs to "have the doors open".  When you analyze the transactions that are pending to close, you can see how many months into the future will our operating costs be covered - based on the transactions that are currently pending to close

Multi factor performance to Budget - the Profit and Loss is a key performance indicator. Often a firm will setup a budget and compare their Profit to their Budget.  But there are lots ok key performance indicators in a company, and ideally you want to see them all on one report.

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