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Published on June 13, 2023

NEW darwin.Cloud feature: Move a Property pre-payment deposited incorrectly

In darwin.Cloud, there’s a new tool to correct a commission pre-payment that was applied incorrectly. 

It solves this problem: What do you do when you have received a commission payment in advance - but the payment was recorded on the wrong house ?

It sometimes happens that you receive a commission payment before you are ready to close the transaction.  In that case, you use the tool in darwin.Cloud to record and deposit the commission payment in advance.  The problem is that sometimes a staff members can make a mistake when recording the payment ... and they might put the payment on the wrong transaction.

So let's say that a payment is received close to the end of the month. Then the payment is deposited in the bank and recorded in darwin.Cloud.  Then next week, the deposit is reconciled because your staff finished the bank rec.  Now the property is ready to close, and your closer figures out that the money that was received and deposited and reconciled - but all on the wrong transaction.

The bookkeeping staff needs to fix this, and now, darwin.Cloud has a new feature to do it automatically.

This helpful technology is built into  Watch this short video to learn more.

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