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Published on January 13, 2024

NEW darwin.Cloud feature: Create complex rules for expense classification automation across multiple offices and GL accounts

Create complex rules that enable darwin correctly allocate bank & credit card charges. 

darwin.Cloud enables large brokerages to have expense automation with correct allocations.

For a large brokerage, the biggest obstacle to setting up expense allocation automation is the challenge of allocating expenses across offices and gl accounts.

A practical example is your monthly dotLoop bill.  The expense is auto-charged to your credit card or bank account.  And with bank stream in darwin.Cloud, you can have the charge flow directly into AccountTECH.  But the bill needs to be proportionately charged across all of your offices.  darwin.Cloud can now handle the expense allocation automatically - and save your Accounts Payable staff countless hours of data entry.

simple & complex expense allocations

Two types of expense classification rules you can create to accurately classify incoming expenses are: Single line rules and Multi line rules. Below is an explanation of when you should use each type of rule.

Single line rules

Create a single line rule whenever you have an incoming expense that is always charged to just one GL account and just one office. When you create this type of rule, the full amount of an incoming charge will be expensed to the GL account and the office you have specified in the rule

Multi line rules

A multi line rule lets you allocate an incoming expense to multiple GL accounts and multiple offices. When creating the rule, you create multiple lines of expense allocation specifications. On each line you choose both a GL account and an office - and you list what percentage of the bill should be charged to that GL account and office.

You can have an unlimited number of lines of expense allocations in this type of rule. The only limitation is that all of the lines percentages must total up to 100%

Watch this short video to learn how you connect a credit card to darwin dot Cloud: 

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