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Published on August 26, 2023

NEW darwin.Cloud feature: Import your bills from Excel

Save a lot of time each month by entering your bills into darwin.Cloud using Excel import

Rather than entering your bills manually into darwin dot cloud, you could import them from an Excel spreadsheet.

Using a single excel spreadsheet, you can import lots of bills from any of your suppliers all at once.  For some companies, it might make sense to have a spreadsheet you use over-and-over. On the spreadsheet you have all the recurring bills you know you have to pay.  With darwin.Cloud excel import, you can enter all your recurring bills - all at once - by just importing a single spreadsheet.

Now let’s say that in addition to your recurring bills that are the same every month, you also have some vendors that you buy things from every month - but the amounts vary from month to month.  Utilities are a great example of this.  

For bills that vary month-to-month, you can re-use the spreadsheet you used last month.  Just change the date and the amount - and import it into darwin.Cloud.  The bills will load into Accounts Payable and be ready for you to pay by direct deposit or check.

Watch this short video to learn more

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