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Published on January 13, 2024

NEW darwin.Cloud feature: Connect your credit cards to darwin.Cloud

Connect your credit cards to darwin.Cloud so you can have darwin automatically classify your credit card charges. 

With darwin.Cloud, all your credit card charges are imported and expensed. Automatically !

All your credit card expenses stream into darwin each day, and when the charge appears in darwin, it is automatically be classified into the correct expense account and charged to the correct office.  For staff that work in accounts payable, this saves alot of laborious time-consuming work each month.

darwin is a streaming bank data aggregator

Over years of experience with this technology, we have learned that there are some banks that only connect with one of the major services.  To handle this reality, darwin dot Cloud has become an aggregator of streaming bank services.  Since darwin dot Cloud is connected to all of the most prominent service providers, this means it much more likely that  darwin will have at least one provider that can connect with your bank.

Advanced tools in darwin.Cloud enable more accurate expense classifications

Unlike amatuer bookkeeping systems like Quickbooks, darwin.Cloud has tools to very specifically divide incoming expenses between offices and between different gl expense accounts.

Watch this short video to learn how you connect a credit card to darwin dot Cloud: 

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