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Published on January 13, 2024

NEW darwin.Cloud feature: Create rules to charge incoming expenses to a group of offices

darwin.Cloud now has enhanced automation that enables you to more accurately allocate expenses that stream into darwin daily.

darwin.Cloud enables large brokerages to have expense automation that allocates correctly across a group of offices.

There have always been issues with correctly classifying online charges that stream into Accounting software.

  • First, Quickbooks and the prior version of darwin Citrix - they both would only allow one expense account to be used for each incoming charge.
  • Second, it wasn't possible to have an incoming charge expensed to multiple offices.

These limits have kept bank stream tech from being useful for bigger Brokerages. In larger companies, they always have some online charges that need to get allocated to multiple offices. And older technology simply couldn't handle that requirement. But now, with, we've created powerful tools that let you have incoming expenses charged to all your offices and proportionately expensed however you want.

When you're making a rule to automatically divide an incoming expense across multiple offices, you can now do this using Billing groups.  If you don't remember what a billing group is, Billing group is a selected group of your offices, with percentages next to each office. What the Billing group does is take the total of a bill, and look at the percentages next to each office... then it enters the bill and charges each office their fair share, according to the percentages.  There's a video on how to setup a Billing group in darwin's knowledge base. You can also learn more in our blog.

Watch this short video to learn how you create an expense rule using Billing groups: 

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