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Published on June 13, 2023

NEW darwin.Cloud feature: automatically pay off agents bills when closing

darwin.Cloud has a tool to make it fast and easy, when you withhold agent bills from their commission, to apply this credit automatically.

This new feature in darwin.Cloud lets you automatically pay off agents bills when you close a transaction. 

When an agent has unpaid bills due to the office, you can take what they owe out of their commission check. This automatically puts a credit on their account and adjusts their balance due.

darwin.Cloud, like all accounting systems, lets users use Accounts Receivable credits to clear unpaid invoices.  In accounting terms, it’s called “applying” a credit to an invoice.  When a credit is applied to an invoice, both the invoice and the credit are cleared from the receivables ledger.

Let’s be clear, when you apply a credit, it doesn’t change an agent’s balance due.  The agent balance due is already correct.  Rather, applying credits just cleans up the A/R aging.  It makes reports and the payments screen easier to use by clearing out items that are already paid.

Watch this short video to learn more.

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