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Published on January 13, 2024

NEW darwin.Cloud feature: Agents print their own 1099

Agents can print their own 1099 for this year - and any prior years !  Now the staff is free from the burden of printing, stuffing envelopes & mailing 1099s to agent

With darwin.Cloud you don't need to mail agents their 1099 any more.

darwin dot cloud for Agents lets the agents print their 1099 for themselves ! They can print the forms for any prior years too.
So now, all that time your staff used to spend getting blank forms from office Depot. Then printing the forms out for each agent. Then stuffing envelopes, and mailing them.  That's all over. 

darwin.Cloud comes with the IRS forms built in.  So you don't need to spend money buying blank forms.  And if you have a printer that prints a little funny ? darwin even lets you adjust the 1099 alignment on the forms before you print. With this new feature, the staff gets out of the business of printing 1099e forms.  And the agent doesn't need to worry about finding the form when they go to do their taxes.  Here's how the agents print their own 1099.

Watch this short video to learn more: 

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