Co-Founder | Arnold Consulting Inc.
Co-Founder | Arnold Consulting Inc.

Yvonne Arnold

I am the Co-founder of Arnold Consulting Inc., a real estate and consulting company based in California and Idaho.
Our business originated over 30 years ago in the Residential Real Estate and Development arena.  We are working with Buyers and Sellers to help them build their generational wealth using real estate. 
We have been able to serve over 1000 Buyers and Sellers in our career and doing so built our skills and knowledge to be the best in the business.  
I am driven by a desire to make a lasting impact on people's lives. Recognizing the need of Real Estate Agents, Teams and Brokerages for wholistic support in the real estate journey, I offer personalized consulting services.  
I believe in unlocking the full potential of her clients, guiding them not just in real estate transactions, but also in personal and professional growth.  


  • I’ve coined the term “Real Estate Tech Translator”.  I have a talent for helping Real Estate Agents and Technology Specialists understand each other to move the buildout of projects faster
  • Operations, Systems and Processes for the Solopreneur to Large Teams & Brokerages
  • Tailored programs to empower individuals to experience High Performance and Production in their personal and professional lives .
  • Group Live & Virtual Trainings: Engaging workshops covering real estate strategies, personal development, and  Wealth Building

Yvonne Arnold

Arnold Consulting Inc.