TransactionPlan reports in Excel – perfectly

It is now possible to work, transform, analyze, modify, etc… TransactionPlan report data within Excel.

There is some relatively new code that came out from Microsoft last year that makes possible the exporting of report data to excel in a way that makes it usable. Previously, using the Microsoft report developer tool: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), which we use here at AccountTECH, the report exported to Excel would always look like the report you see on the screen in TransactionPlan.

While that is still possible, this approach has the following problems:

  • Cells in Excel are often merged (for the purpose of maintaining the “look” in Excel)  – but this makes it impossible to define a specific column for a SUM() function in Excel
  • Often the Numeric values in a report are transformed to Text values for displaying in Excel with a $ symbol in front of the number – when that happens, the values in excel cannot be totaled because in Excel they are read as Text values

The newest approach for TransactionPlan reports to Excel that is now possible does the following:

  • Keeps all data in single columns with NO column merging
  • Delivers the values into Excel as Numbers so that you can add, subtract, multiple, etc

There are so many reports in TransactionPlan (developed before this new approach was available) – that we are creating Excel versions of TransactionPlan reports as requested by clients. To use the ones already transformed, follow these steps:

  1. Open a TransactionPlan report
  2. Click the link at the top of the report that says: Send to Excel.
  3. The report that opens may not be pretty to look at on the screen, but it is specifically designed to save to excel so that it is completely usable.  Export to Excel.
  4. Open in Excel and you will see all the columns are distinct and all the values can be manipulated

Here are some sample reports that already have the: Send to Excel feature:

Profit & Loss (310)
Profit & Loss  – Date Range (577)
Profit & Loss – side by side Office – Date Range (762)
Profit & Loss – side by side Month (313)
Budget vs. Last Year – Collapsed (260)
Budget vs. Last Year – Expanded (261)
Closed Transactions w/Filters – Date Range (483)
Closed Transaction – by When Closed (514)
Closed Awards w/filters – Date Range (767)

Try out these reports and let us know any other reports you use in TransactionPlan that need this: Send to Excel functionality