Founder | Bricks & Quarters LLC
Founder | Bricks & Quarters LLC

Tracey Rogers

About me:

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, I am married and have three girls - two in college (Alabama and UNC-Chapel Hill) and one in high school - and a beloved dog named Biscuit. I grew up outside Philadelphia and attended college at Saint Joseph’s University.

My passions extend beyond my family and into various hobbies that keep me energized and inspired. I love reading, holistic medicine, swimming and biking, travel, and baking.

As a graduate of the Landmark Forum, I've cultivated a deep understanding of personal development and effective communication, which are cornerstones of my professional philosphy. I believe every business is unique and has the potential to become whatever it aspires to be in this world. If you started your company with a goal in mind you embarked on a significant journey. Where are you today and where do you want to go? Do you have the right team to help you get there? I don’t believe in one size fits all approach and am intentional about offering personalized insights to everyone I serve. My passion is progress and advising others so they reach their goals. This ensures that my clients make informed decisions that align with their individual values and aspirations. Finance is the building block to any business - a multi-faceted aspect of life, viewed differently by everyone, influencing decisions and trust in unique ways. 

Said best by one of my longest standing clients “Thank you for taking care of my money as if it were your own”.

Summary of Expertise:

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), licensed Real Estate Broker, and former management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, my focus is to provide strategic advisory and fractional controller/CFO services to real estate companies/organizations.  I have experience and expertise in financial management, accounting, and business process and software implementation. By providing comprehensive financial leadership and guidance. I am committed to empowering real estate businesses with the knowledge, processes, and tools needed to succeed.

Key Expertise and Skills

  • Financial Management: Proven track record in developing and implementing financial strategies to optimize performance and drive growth. Expertise in cash management, forecasting/budgeting, trust accounting, and financial analysis to ensure sound decision-making.
  • Accounting Excellence: Strong proficiency in GAAP principles, financial reporting, and compliance. Skilled in overseeing audits, tax planning, and regulatory filings to maintain fiscal integrity and transparency.
  • Real Estate Acumen: Sold residential real estate for 7 years. Extensive experience working with clients across diverse sectors - facilitating complex commercial transactions, overseeing property management operations, and navigating the intricacies of construction projects, etc.  My unique set of skills is an asset to all my real estate clients.
  • Software Solutions: Advanced proficiency in software platforms including, but not limited to, Darwin, Dot Loop, Dash QuickBooks Online (QBO), Appfolio, Avalara,, Melio and Job Tread. Experienced in implementing and optimizing business processes and software systems to streamlining operations, improving efficiency and performance, and enhancing financial reporting capabilities.
  • Strategic Advisory: Trusted advisor with a strategic mindset, providing actionable insights and recommendations to support long-term business objectives. Ability to identify opportunities for process improvement, cost reduction, and risk mitigation.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Effective communicator and collaborator, adept at building relationships with stakeholders at all levels. Skilled in working across multiple organizations and departments to align financial strategies with operational goals and drive organizational success.

For many of my current clients, I lead/manage several initiatives and activities to: 

  • Fractional controller/CFO
  • Collaborating with owners on strategic direction including annual financial goals/budgeting
  • Architecting finance department policies/procedures/management
  • Managing finance departments and processes
  • Cash management/budgeting, AR/AP processing ( and bank reconciliations
  • Working with tax CPAs on planning/projections;
  • Implementing software
  • Legal/management reporting