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Published on July 23, 2023

New darwin.Cloud feature: context aware help in app

darwin.Cloud has context aware help built right into the app. Now, from any screen in the software, you can get articles, tips & training videos - all related to the page you are currently working with.

We developed this technology for two reasons.  First, is to serve the staff of companies that are new to AccountTECH.  When they are learning the software, either in production or in the training sandbox, as they are learning how to work with the different screens, they can stay on the screen and train themselves about the screen at the same time.

But secondarily, for existing clients, there is probably more to learn about different tools in darwin, than even experienced users know.  Remember, darwin.Cloud is built on a 30+ year history of automating the work that needs to be done in the Real Estate back office.

Even after decades of work automating the processes needed to run a brokerage, AccountTECH software is still evolving.  On average, new features are introduced into darwin every 21 days. And this rate of evolution has been going on since 2008, when AccountTECH software was first made available to the public.

So, even for experienced users, there is more to know about darwin than you can imagine. Having the training articles and videos at your fingertips, makes it easy to keep up with what’s new. Save yourself time, and continually improve the efficiency of your office.

Watch this short video to learn more.

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