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Published on March 21, 2024

Introducing darwin.Chat

darwin.Chat is a breakthrough technology that lets users communicate via text message from inside darwin.Cloud

Introducing darwin.Chat

Now you can text to anyone from inside darwin.Cloud.  Your messages get delivered by text message and people can respond from their phones. And the whole conversation is captured inside darwin.

Every darwin.Chat message include a link that opens the conversation in a browser on the phone.  This way users can see the whole message thread and respond.

darwin.Chat is designed to make it simple for you to send messages that people will see.

There is no app to download or install.  Anyone who gets a message from darwin.Chat can respond without logging in to darwin.Cloud... they don't even need to have a username or be a darwin.Cloud user.

The messages you send are linked to what you see on the screen in darwin when you send the message.  So if you are viewing a property in darwin.Cloud when you send the message, you chat message will be stored within that property record.

In the company, you are likely not the only that will be chatting about this property.

Another staff person, like the transaction coordinator might ask the agent a question about this property. Or maybe, a compliance officer will send a chat question to the buyer or the home inspector.  With darwin.Chat everyone on your staff can send messages to anyone.

But most importantly, you can read all the messages sent and all the replies.- no matter who sent them.

Watch this short video to learn more:

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