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Published on June 13, 2023

NEW darwin.Cloud feature: Billing groups

darwin.Cloud has a new feature for splitting bills: Billing groups. It makes it really fast to take a bill, put it in darwin, and divide it across lots of your offices... automatically.

A Billing group is a selected group of your offices, with percentages next to each office. It can have an unlimited number of offices. You use a Billing group when you are entering bills. What the Billing group does is take the total of the bill, and it looks at the percentages next to each office... then it enters the bill and charges each office their fair share, according to the percentages.

While you can setup Billing groups manually, and manually enter the percentages you want to use.  darwin.Cloud has a powerful feature for figuring out the percentages for you.

Using the new Billing group wizard, you can pick from a wide variety of options for how to determine the “fair share” that each office in a group should pay.  When you are creating a billing group (or updating the percentages to use for a group), there are these options to choose from:


  • agent count
  • AGCI
  • Sides
  • Volume
  • New Listings
  • New Pendings

Because all of these variables can change over time, this new tool in darwin makes it easy to updates the percentages to the latest percentages - based on today’s agent count or the latest production numbers… with just a few clicks

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