Report samples

Report samples

Reporting that delivers clear summaries and interactive drill-down into the details.

Now, more than ever, you need reliable numbers to guide important decisions. The reports in darwin let you modify the data that is in each report.  You can add or remove data fields to get precisely all the data you need on each report - and only the data you need.

Reports that combine agent production with Profit and Loss  ... uncover the relationship between agent productivity and the brokerage profitability

  • Profitability per Agent - It costs a certain amount of money to run a Brokerage.  Those costs have to be paid entirely by the Broker/Owner's share on the commissions closed.  Since your accounting system knows how much money it costs to operate, it is possible to see if the earnings from each agent are enough to cover the costs associate with each agent sample
  • Dependency Risk - What if you have too few agents earning most of the money for an office.  This can make the Brokerage at risk for becoming unprofitable by losing just a few agents. In this example, 42% of the monthly overhead is being paid by only 4 out of the 37 agents that work in the company. sample
  • CMOE - Current Month Overhead Expense analysis.  Over time, each office establishes a baseline for how much it costs to "have the doors open".  When you analyze the transactions that are pending to close, you can see how many months into the future will our operating costs be covered - based on the transactions that are currently pending to close sample
  • Multi factor performance to Budget - the Profit and Loss is a key performance indicator. Often a firm will setup a budget and compare their Profit to their Budget.  But there are lots ok key performance indicators in a company, and ideally you want to see them all on one report. sample

Profit and and Loss reports  

Analysis reports will guide decision-making. Some analysis reports are designed to pull lots of critical information together is comprehensive snapshot.  Other analysis reports create graphics to make it easier to reveal trendlines

  • Office Production analysis is meant to show you (by Office) how much new business did you write. How much business did you lose. How much business did you close - and what is current listed for sale & what is currently pending to close. 
  • Multi Year KPI  is critical when you want to see trendlines on ALL production metrics over a number of years

AccountTECH was recently selected join the RE/MAX approved supplier program. Here is a sampling of reports designed to make it easier for RE/MAX offices to switch to AccountTECH from an older legacy software 

Production Reports

  • RE/MAX statistic summary report  This report shows agent's productivity in a given month and Year to Date with totals for Residential, Commercial and Teams transactions  sample  
  • Listing Rank by Agent and Volume  Limited alternative to AccountTECH's in-depth ranking report, the layout of this report should appear familiar to users switching to AccountTECH from older, legacy software.
  • Fee Deduct   ALL  In AccountTECH, the different deductions from AGCI are called commission deductions. In your legacy software they were likely called fees. This report shows the total of all "fees" deducted from agent's gross commission. sample
  • Fee Deduct - Childrens Miracle Network   Sometimes you want to run a report that looks at a single "fee"   sample
  • Closed Transaction Summary  Your old software likely had a report that listed all the closings for a date range with a breakdown of the production between the list and sell sides. Here is a sample of AccountTECH's version of that report  sample
  • Year over Year Production   In your old RE/MAX software, you probably looked at some production number over a number of years to see the trendline.  With AccountTECH, our version of that report is so much more helpful because it shows ALL the production numbers for multiple years on a single report   sample


Franchise Reports

  • Upload Transaction Summary   This report lists all transactions reported to RE/MAX in a date range  sample 
  • Broker Remittance  This report shows a summary of the royalty fee due on "non-grandfathered" agents
  • Closing Awards   Agents who share the commission on a closed transaction may not share the credit for the RE/MAX awards. With darwin, you can divide the commission between many agents, but have all the credit for sale, volume & sides reported to RE/MAX separately from how the money was divided.    sample
    • Closing Awards also has drill-down to see the property addresses that make up the awards totals


Finance Reports

  • Credit card analysis  When you want to review credit card charges, this report lets you see all the charges to a selected credit card and it shows the LINK of the credit card charge back to the Vendor that was paid by credit card  sample 
  • Commission Pay Out  For a summary of the day's closings, payouts and deposits, run the Commission Pay Out report to see all the checks and deposits that need to be paid on each closing and whether or not they have already been paid   sample


Agent Reports

  • Year End 1099 Summary  In darwin, when you give the Agent their 1099 report detail, it also includes the totals they paid for the year summarized by each item description as well as a detail of which closings through the year had an agent billing deduction for unpaid agent monthly bills  sample


Buyer & Seller Reports

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