Logging into TransactionPlan

The login to TransactionPlan is simple. You only need your username and password.

NOTE:  Usernames and Passwords are controlled by your office so please contact your administrator to get your credentials.

At the website: you enter your username & password and click: Login  – You will always see an image with the word: loading surrounded by a moving circle of dots. This is how TransactionPlan loads some data onto your computer so that the site will run faster.

NOTE: Cookies need to be enabled for the site: and you need to have Java installed and enabled in your browser.


Whats’s New: TransactionPlan vs 

If you are used to using, you will notice you do not have to click to say which version of the website you want to use. Also, you don’t need to select what company you work for.  One thing you will notice is that your username/password will be changed from what you used to use. This is essential for the new feature that keeps you from having to select your company name. You will also notice that TransactionPlan runs much faster than ATPerspective. Part of that is associated with cookies so make sure that cookies are enabled for the site: