VP Brokerage & Team Consulting | T3 Sixty
VP Brokerage & Team Consulting | T3 Sixty

Lisa Piccardo

Lisa is responsible for overseeing the delivery and administration of brokerage and team consulting programs at T3 Sixty, with a focus on growth, streamlining operations, optimizing recruitment and retention efforts, and implementing effective marketing strategies. She brings a wealth of experience to the role having founded, grew, and eventually sold an independent boutique brokerage. She subsequently assumed the position of President & Principal Broker at the acquiring company. Before joining T3 Sixty, Lisa held the position of Global Vice President, Lead Affiliate Services at Sotheby’s International Realty. In this capacity, she led the servicing team for the U.S. and Canada, while also serving as a business consultant to affiliates across the Mountain West region. She and her team provided support to approximately 150 independently owned and operated Sotheby’s International Realty firms and 600 offices collaborating with affiliates to develop strategies aimed at fostering expansion, enhancing profitability, attracting, and retaining top talent, and promoting brand engagement.


  • Operational Efficiency
  • Enhancing profitability 
  • Marketing strategies
  • Buyer Brokerage business
  • Recruiting & retention

Lisa Piccardo

VP Brokerage & Team Consulting
T3 Sixty


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