CFO | CENTURY 21 North East | Real Estate Growth Strategist with 20+ Years of Proven Success
CFO | CENTURY 21 North East | Real Estate Growth Strategist with 20+ Years of Proven Success

Joseph Peront

Unlock exponential growth for your real estate brokerage with the power of AccountTech.

I bring over two decades of experience in the real estate industry, with a proven track record of driving significant growth and operational excellence for brokerages. My expertise spans financial management, strategic planning, large-scale expansion, and leveraging technology for maximum impact.

AccountTech Expertise Fuels My Success

As a seasoned leader, I recognized the transformative power of AccountTech software early in my career. In my first year at Century 21 North East/Integra, I directed the migration away from LoanWolf and successfully implemented AccountTech. This strategic move played a pivotal role in the brokerage's exponential growth.

My Achievements:

  • Exponential Growth: Leveraging AccountTech's capabilities, I spearheaded the expansion of Century 21 North East/Integra from 300 agents in 12 offices across 3 states to a powerhouse of 1/,700 agents operating in 75 offices across 12 states.
  • Profitability Expert: AccountTech's efficient automation and data-driven insights were instrumental in tripling the profitability of Century 21 North East/Integra.
  • Top Performer: I led Century 21 North East/Integra from 13th place to the coveted 3rd position within the Century 21 Franchise, a testament to the effectiveness of my strategies and technology implementation.
  • Acquisition Expertise: I have extensive experience managing over 25 acquisitions, ensuring seamless integration, and maximizing the value of each purchase. This includes leading the successful acquisition and integration of a Coldwell Banker brokerage.


  • Strategic Planning: Lead a seamless migration to AccountTech, empowering your staff to manage daily operations with confidence.
  • Operational Efficiency: I identify and implement strategies to streamline processes, boost agent productivity, and optimize costs, utilizing AccountTech's functionalities.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Expertise: I guide you through the entire M&A process, from identifying targets to successful integration.
  • Financial Acumen: My strong financial background ensures sound decision-making and maximizes your return on investment, with AccountTech providing real-time financial insights.
  • Software Configuration: Leveraging my in-depth AccountTech knowledge, I'll tailor Spotlight, commission plans, overrides, multi-company and multi-brand structures, as well as specialized reporting to seamlessly align with your specific business needs.

Let me be your partner in unlocking your brokerage's full potential with the strategic implementation of AccountTech.

Joseph Peront

CENTURY 21 North East