AccountTECH’s New and Evolved Software: darwin

“Evolution is the way the universe continually tests and refines its tools. The most efficient tools survive and replicate themselves, improving constantly, becoming more and more complex and efficient.”  Dan Brown. Origin: a Novel, Doubleday. (2017)



In the coming months, AccountTECH will be releasing our newest software:


This software will replace AT2000. darwin works with Email Campaign and TransactionPlan, which are both being upgraded to always have real-time data.  For clients who have used AT2000 for the past 17 years, you will find that your skills are completely transferable to darwin.  While many of the screens are re-organized for efficiency and simplicity, the work that you do is the same.



Enhancements & New Features

Here are some highlights of just a few of the new features incorporated into darwin


Franchise Reporting

For franchises using dash: darwin enables submit on demand with immediate results from dash. Additionally, our new software supports 2-way communication with dash, so not only will the data we import from MLS, dotLoop, SkySlope, etc flow into dash – but also any changes made in dash will flow backwards into darwin.

For franchises with Berkshire Hathaway, you will find enhanced tools for creating Roster Sync XML files and Transaction files for upload into REsource Center.

For franchises with RE/MAX, you will find the tools for exporting files for Frames upload.

For independents who don’t need franchise reporting, you still have access to all the powerful tools outlined below.


Comprehensive QuickBooks Integration

While darwin is a complete accounting system, many companies have reasons for wanting to continue using QuickBooks for accounting.  For these users, AccountTECH is adding automated transfer of accounting entries from darwin to both QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online.  Here is what will be transferred from darwin to QuickBooks:

  1. Income earned from closings
  2. Deposits of commission proceeds
  3. Commission checks paid using direct deposit from darwin (or printed
    from darwin)
  4. Agent invoices
  5. Payments made by agents to pay their bills
  6. Accounts payable entered to pay bills
  7. Payables checks written to pay your bills


Many Companies. One Software System. 

With darwin, you can now manage multiple, distinct companies – at the same time, in the same system.

Since most fast-growing Real Estate firms are growing with a mix of mergers, acquisitions & recruiting, AccountTECH’s newest software now supports maintaining multiple sets of books for multiple legal entities within a single software system: darwin.

As you work with properties, closings, invoicing & payables, darwin is tracking all your income & expenses to the correct legal entity. It maintains separate bank accounts and escrow accounts per entity. It allows you to enter payables or invoice agents or close transactions for all your different companies at the same time… without having to log in or out of different databases to continue your work.

Of course you can run all of your financial reports by legal entity, but now it is easier than ever to get an comprehensive, combined overview of the performance of all the companies you own.


MLS on Demand

With darwin you can enter a MLS number and click a button to pull that Listing (and its photos) into our software. For dash users, you can direct darwin to pull a Listing in and push to dash in a single step.

For many other software programs that you may use (dotLoop, eRelo, SkySlope, etc), you can also pull their data into darwin on demand.


Report Customization and Custom Report Builder

In-depth, flexible, customizable and “save-able” reports are are at the core of our new software.  While it appears there are fewer “reports” than before – simple preference settings now empower you to create infinite report variations.

All of the reports in the new software have filters to allow you to see only the date range and fields that matter to you. Filter your reports by transaction date or accounting date or company or office or agent, etc.  darwin puts report design in your hands.

With darwin, all the reports show default columns of data – but there are dozens of other fields you can show or hide.

Additionally, you can re-organize the grouping in your reports.  So, one day you might want to see pending transactions by agent, but tomorrow you may need pending transactions by lead source.  darwin makes this possible.

If you decide to show / hide different columns of information and re-organize a report’s grouping, you will come up with a report that is perfect for you – showing exactly what you want to see in exactly the way you want to see it.  Then save your selections and you have created a unique custom report (just for your company) that you can use over and over again.


Commission Calculation Designer

AccountTECH is well known for over 25 years of writing custom commission calculation programming code for every client.  In darwin, we are taking commission calculation design to the next level with a visual commission calculation screen.

darwin allows you to see how our new commission calculation engine is calculating an agent’s commission. This new tool enables you and AccountTECH staff to create new commission programs or modify existing commission programs without having to write any code.

The flexibility in this tool is remarkable.  It can create commission plans that vary the agent’s compensation based on lots of different criteria. These conditions can be combined in any way you choose, to create even more combinations.  For instance, commission calculation formulas can be based on any of these items or any combination of these items:

  • Commission program name
  • Transaction type (In-house, Our list, Our sale, Rental, Misc income)
  • Property classification
  • Lead generated by
  • Lead source
  • Agent office or which side of the transaction
  • Rolling averages
  • Graduated scales – (based on Gross, Net, Company$, Fiscal Year,
    Anniversary Year, Prior 12, etc. etc. etc)
  • CAP plans for company $ ( or annual E/O, annual franchise fees, etc)

Maybe even more interesting, the commission calculator engine is logging the logic of how the software has determined the agent’s pay on any given closing. This way users can see the commission basis totals and percentages the system has used to arrive at the agent’s net commission. 

When you are on the Commission screen, you will see a ‘?’ button next to each commission deduction. This gives real-time information about WHY the system determined the agent should be paid (and a complete history of how the pending sale calculation was done prior to today):


Audit Trails – every change by every user on every record

With darwin, you can now see on the screen everything that was EVER changed on any record.  You can see who made the change and when they made it – and even what the value was before it was changed.  This isn’t limited to changes made by your staff and agents.  If a property record was changed by the MLS or eRelo or DotLoop…. those changes are tracked too.

Additionally, every accounting record in darwin has a similar level of tracking detail.

In the weeks to come, we will be sending out weekly blog posts on all different aspects of this exciting new product. Additionally, we will reach out to each one of our clients within the next two months to coordinate a transition date to the new software.

For companies that are interested in starting with AccountTECH, please contact us: 
or (978) 947-3624