Getting Ready for 1099 season

Getting Ready for 1099 season – This webinar is going to cover how to get ready for printing your 1099. Later we will be covering how to print your 1099, but on this class, we are going to cover how to make sure you have all your data entered for the 1099.

When it is time to print 1099, you need the Tax ID entered into AccountTECH for your vendors – as well as their complete and correct address. In this webinar we are going to cover tools built into AccountTECH that make it simple to see where you might be missing data that you need for 1099.

If you plan to have your CPA or Accountant make these prepare 1099 for you, please ask them to attend this webinar with you.

Title: Getting Ready for 1099 Season
Date: Friday, December 30th, 2013
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

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