Find a Contact

Finding a Contact in TransactionPlan is simple. On every page you will always see a tab where it says: Type Contact here

 In the field: “Type Contact Here”, start typing the first name or last name of the contact.  It is best to start by just typing 3 characters.   As you type, a list will appear that shows you the Contacts that match what you have typed. To filter more, type another character… and continue till you find the property you want

When you locate the desired Contact in the search results, click on the icon to the right of the name for the type information you need.  For full details of the Contact, click on the person’s name OR the contact detail icon. Each of the icons will take you to specific information related to managing this Contact record.  To see what each icon is for, hover your mouse over the icon and a tool tip will appear to let you see what the icon symbol means.


Whats’s New: TransactionPlan vs 

If you are used to using, you will notice you do not have to click on the Contacts tab and then click in the Search box.  They way that TransactionPlan is designed you can navigate to any contact from any page in the application.  Also, unlike ATPerspective, you do not need to go to the Contacts landing page and then select the sub-page that you want to go to.  Instead, you can use the icons to go immediately to specific sub-page that you want to work with. Maybe most importantly, when you are adding a new Contact record in TransactionPlan, you can enter all the basic Contact information in the first screen.