Check Timeline Tasks for a Property

You can review the Timeline Tasks to complete for a Property in two ways:

  • from the Property Screen
  • from the Calendar

Property Screen.  Search for the Property >> Click the icon for Timeline Tasks

When the page opens you can check tasks off as done OR change the due date. To filter the list, click either of the options on the left panel and click the Search button. To print the list of tasks to-do, click the Print button at the top right of the page.


Calendar. Filter the Calendar List by clicking the Timeline Task icon

Search / Filter using panel on the left to pick one property OR set a date range. Then click > Search


You can check items as done by clicking the circles to the left of each item. If you want to change the dates of any item, just click Notes on any Timeline Task and the Date Edit screen will open.  This screen shows you all of  the Timeline Tasks for this property. You can change the dates for any Timeline Task assigned to the property.