Online Document Management from “The Board”

See which Properties are missing online documents

New Listings are coming in every day and so are new Pending contracts. With multiple offices, one thing  you might want to keep track of for starters is this: Regardless of whether or not we have ALL the docs online for a certain property – or whether or  not we have reviewed ALL the docs – have we BEGUN getting online docs for a property ?

Also, you might want to know if we have setup our property specific doc checklist (Timeline) for each property.
Documents can be uploaded into AccountTECH by Agents or by Staff, and now the board lets users easily see that the process is underway for all the new Listings and all the new Pending contracts.

When you open AccountTECH and the Board displays, you see the information in  the lower right corner:

Board with Docs

The key information is this:

Docs Online

In this sample, you can see that of all Active Transactions across all the offices and all the Agents, there is currently only 19 Properties that have  No Documents uploaded and only 20 Properties that have not yet had a Timeline (think To-Do list) attached to them.

In AccountTECH, an Active Property is defined as a current listing or a pending sale.

If you click on either of the hyperlinks, you will get a detailed list of exactly which properties have No Documents online – or No Timeline  started for the property:

Board with Docs Detail

If one of your Admin wants to only look at the properties in their office – and ignore the properties in other offices, then they can use the two  drop-down lists at the top to filter the view to only see what they want to see:

Board Docs filtered