Crest EDG isn’t extra work for me anymore

In the past I had to enter our transactions into MLS, then into Crest, then into our back-office system, then into our Showing Desk software and then into our transaction management system – and finally at closing into Quickbooks. Now, with AccountTECH, all those programs are one system.
With version 2.0, I don’t ever enter data into Crest any – and more than half my work is done for me with auto-fill from MLS and the MLS photos transferring automatically to Crest EDG.
AccountTECH is the creator of CREST EDG TECH ( which is the leading source for detailed information your staff needs to understand CREST EDG automation. Their are very specific requirements inside of CREST EDG that users need to be aware of to have successful data transfers. CRESTEDGTECH.COM is the place that has all those answers.