Training: Email Campaign fundamentals

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Add specific tasks to a Transaction

You can create an unlimited number of “to-do” lists in TransactionPlan. From all the lists you have setup in TransactionPlan, this video shows how to connect one of your lists to a specific transaction. All of the items you put on your TransactionPlan timeline “to-do” list can be shared with your Buyers and Sellers – so they can see what you are doing for them and what you have already done.

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The new TransactionPlan home page

The web portal ATPerspective is used by Brokers & Agents to run reports and to manage all their transactions online. AccountTECH is completely making over ATPerspective and renaming the site as: TransactionPlan. Here is an introductory video that shows you how to navigate thru the major sections of the new TransactionPlan site.

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Store Documents online – webinar on Friday March 8th

This webinar is going to cover how to store documents online using 2 different techniques. First we will cover the traditional way of attaching documents to a transaction using ATPerspective. Then, for offices with a high-volume of documents, we will review a technique for adding documents using FTP – which works even when you ARE NOT LOGGED INTO ATPerspective.

Title:  Storing Documents Online
Date:  Friday, March 8th, 2013
Time:  12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EST

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat ...

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Reports Online: Pending Summary

Pending Report - level 1

Report content:

This report  most importantly shows  the company $ on pending transactions in future months.

.:  Click + drill down next to: Expand all offices – to see Pending income by office
.:  Click + drill down next to: Expand all Agents – to see breakdown of Pending income by agent
.: ...

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Century 21 M&M wins more awards at International Business Conference

Century 21 M&M wins more awards at International Business Conference
Century 21 M&M wins production award

AccountTECH is pleased to announce that our client, Century 21 M & M has won two prestigious awards at
the recent Century 21 IBC Business conference.

The two awards are: #1 Century 21 Commercial company and #1 Century 21 Mortgage company.
These awards add to a number of other awards garnered by Century 21 M & M this year, including the top
award as #1 Century 21 office in ...

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Century 21 gives up on Taro Pro Gold

AccountTECH is pleased to announce that Century 21 Blackwell & Co. Realty Inc. has chosen AccountTECH as their technology partner. For the past few years Century 21 Blackwell had been trying to get successful & reliable & simple transfer of their MLS data to CREST EDG by using Taro Pro Gold but they eventually decided the unsuccessful efforts were not worth continuing. Contributing to their decision to switch software was the ...

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Crest EDG isn’t extra work for me anymore

In the past I had to enter our transactions into MLS, then into Crest, then into our back-office system, then into our Showing Desk software and then into our transaction management system – and finally at closing into Quickbooks. Now, with AccountTECH, all those programs are one system.
With version 2.0, I don’t ever enter data into Crest any – and more than half my work is done for me with auto-fill from MLS and the MLS photos transferring ...

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AccountTECH, One system, One solution

There is so much money & time wasted because the admin staff can’t work collaboratively on Listing and Pending files in your office. Once a Listing or a Pending transaction is in AccountTECH – all the different people can work on the transaction for just the parts of the file that they are responsible for. Below is a lifespan example of how a typical transaction might be accessed / edited / processed by different people in your office:

Front Desk staff

  • Check ...
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Online Document Management from “The Board”

See which Properties are missing online documents

New Listings are coming in every day and so are new Pending contracts. With multiple offices, one thing  you might want to keep track of for starters is this: Regardless of whether or not we have ALL the docs online for a certain property – or whether or  not we have reviewed ALL the docs – have we BEGUN getting online docs for a property ?

Also, you might want to know if we have ...

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