TransactionPlan: paperLESS – email documents & correspondence

This webinar is going to review how to use the new paperLESS software to deliver documents by email & save all your transaction email messages.

If you add the new program paperLESS to your AccountTECH subscription, there are a number of new possibilities that become available to your staff & agents – for saving time & paper. In this webinar we are going to cover 2 of the features of paperLESS: document delivery and email storage.

With document delivery using paperLESS, you can store get all your documents into online storage AND already attached to the correct property – just by emailing them in as attachments. When an Agent emails a document into TransactionPlan for storage, the staff will be notified that the document is there and ready for review.

With email storage, you and your Agents can have TransactionPlan store a log of all emails sent to or received from everyone involved in your transactions. This way, whenever a questions comes up about who-said-what-to-who – then you will have the answer, all saved, ready-to-go, in one convenient location

If this webinar is appropriate for your Staff, please pass this invitation on to them so that they can attend.

Title: TransactionPlan: paperLESS – email documents & correspondence
Date: Friday, December 20th, 2013
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

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