Getting great service from Realogy Help Desk

I want to share with you an experience we had a few weeks ago at AccountTECH when working with folks from the Business Technology Team at the Realogy Franchise Group.

Delivering new Transactions, modified Transactions & Photos to CREST EDG is a big part of what we do every day. In February alone we delivered 650,000 new or modified Transaction records for our clients & 820,000 photos.

On a Monday, our staff & monitoring systems noticed that our submissions were not correctly updating CREST EDG over the weekend, and upon further investigation we were able to determine that this was impacting AccountTech submissions to CREST EDG across the board.  We knew that it was a systemic problem and not an isolated incident because at AccountTECH we deliver so many transaction records and photographs to CREST EDG that we have a “farm” of servers that exist only to manage CREST EDG updating…..and all the servers on our farm were failing to update CREST EDG.

We put in a Help Desk ticket, just like staff any RFG Affiliate office would do.  Tom Kirk on the Business Technology Team realized how important this issue was and personally escalated the ticket’s priority.  Once it was escalated, staff from the Business Technology Team with the Realogy Franchise Group stepped in to work on solving the problem immediately.

They first identified that the problem began on the AccountTECH end after a standard annual Certificate renewal occurred on 2/27.  But what was baffling was the fact that this Security Certificate renewal should not block communication from authorized parties like AccountTECH.  In their attempts to resolve the issue, they worked with us to gather information from our team and attempted to “walk-us-through” different things we could do from our side to resolve the issue.  After hours of work, three individuals:  Virag Gutgutia, Mithun Chakraboty & Peeyush Agrawal went above and beyond and actually connected with AccountTECH IT staff and myself directly into the Colocation Server farm that AccountTECH maintains outside of Boston and stayed with the problem till well after normal business hours to get it resolved.

It was after 7:30pm when we were able to prove that the problem resulted from a unique combination of hardware, software versions, & certificate versions that had to be updated in some instances to allow AccountTECH communications to CREST EDG to resume.

We wanted to send out this message to everyone as our way of saying thanks to: Tom Kirk, Virag Gutgutia, Mithun Chakraboty & Peeyush Agrawal of the Business Technology Team – for the way they took care of us so we could take care of our clients by working diligently in partnership to resolve this problem.

Mark Blagden
President & founder, AccountTECH