Many clients choose not just to use AccountTECH software – they have AccountTECH actually do the company accounting and serve as a CFO for the company. Most Real Estate firms can’t afford a CFO with years of experience in the Real Estate field, and many don’t even have accountants on staff. AccountTECH’s accounting service is the solution for many companies.

In just a few hours per week, our experienced accounting staff handle all the complex accounting work – leaving your staff free to focus on the most important work: taking care of your customers. Our monthly accounting cycle is designed to ensure the accuracy of your company’s financial statements – and make them easy to comprehend.

We track profitability for the whole company, each office in the company – and the NET profitability that the firm is making from each agent that works at the firm. In the Real Estate industry, it is important to know how much each Agent is generating in net income for the organization – after you subtract everything you spend on recruiting, retaining and advertising for the Agent.

Most importantly, AccountTECH’s CFO service gives you a resource that isn’t available anywhere else. In our role as the Accounting department for so many different Real Estate sales firms, we have invaluable information to share about what is (or is not) working at firms of all sizes. We see trends in Buyer and Seller services, trends in Sales Associate contracts, trends in Commission and Agent Fee structures – and are uniquely positioned to help our CFO clients adopt the BEST PRACTICES that other succcessful firms have developed. Our motto: Learn from other’s mistakes and successes.

With the combination of AT2000 software and AccountTECH’s CFO service, you don’t need to PAY for an experienced financial person to work full-time at your firm – and you don’t need to settle for meaningless Profit and Loss statements. AT2000 is the balance – it lets the software handle the simple tasks with lower cost, less experienced employees already on your staff – and then leaves the complex tasks to experienced professionals. AT2000 lets your Receptionist, for example, handle most of the daily data entry tasks – while AccountTECH’s staff handles all the complicated postings, agent billing, balance sheet entries, reconciliations and account balancing that make your financial reports have meaning.

There is no way that having the Broker/Owner doing bookkeeping adds value to the company. Without having the books reviewed by someone with experience from outside your office, there is no way to tell if the daily postings are being made correctly – and there is no way to protect yourself from fraud or expensive financial mistakes