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PaperLESS office

The PaperLESS office is a goal all Brokers have been chasing for years, but we haven’t been thinking big enough. There are even more ways we can get more PaperLESS. This new ADD-ON adds these time-saving and paper-saving features to your TransactionPLAN software:

Transaction Information

  • Transaction Worksheets are online – no more paper forms to turn in
  • Transaction Worksheets load automatically into AccountTECH as Agents type, and then transmit automatically to your franchiseStart a new Pending Transaction online – these also load automatically into AccountTECH as Agents type and transmit to your franchise

Email Documents into Online Document storage

  • Email your documents into Online Storage. ┬áNow you never have to “download to upload” or scan a paper file then manually upload. Instead, you scan right to the email address of your Property

Save your Correspondence

  • Forward or CC all the Emails between you and your clients INTO your Online Transaction and all your correspondence is saved in the Property Transaction Log