PaperLESS office pricing

PaperLESS office pricing

The monthly pricing for this service is based on how many new Transactions your office starts each month.  There is no limit by how many users can take advantage of the PaperLESS office features – and no limit to how many documents your users can store online for each transaction.

The monthly price will go up and down based on how many transactions your office starts each month.  Transactions are only counted once – just in the month when the transaction was started. So a Transaction may start out as a Listing, then become a Pending sale, then become a Closed Transaction.  It is still just counts as one transaction – and it is only counted in the month that it starts.

Remember, adding the PaperLESS upgrade gets you these 3 valuable time-savers from AccountTECH:

  • Agents can ADD & EDIT transaction records for you – and their edits can go straight into AccountTECH ( or go after you review them )
  • all Email correspondence from anyone related to the transaction can be sent into online storage in the Transaction’s internal message log
  • all Documents related to the property can be emailed into the transaction

Unlimited file storage – Unlimited users – All the software features

0 to 9 files $75 per month
10 to 39 files $125 per month
40 to 79 files $175 per month
80 to 149 files $225 per month
150 to 249 files $300 per month
250 to 349 files $350 per month
350 to 449 files $450 per month
over 450 files $450 per month + $1 per additional file