Our Company

AccountTECH began when a consulting project came into the office of founder, Mark David Blagden back in 1992. The initial project was to examine the operation of a large, but unprofitable real estate sales operation in New England. The challenge was to identify why a firm with such large sales volume was losing more than six figures annually – then, make the firm profitable and put it up for sale.

AccountTECH, for many years, grew as the outsourced accounting solution for the Real Estate industry. In 1998, we decided that there were no software tools available for the Real Estate industry that were adequate for the needs of our clients and the growth of our accounting practice. So, by the end of that year, we had assembled a team of software designers and began building AT2000 software.

We developed (and continue to develop) this solution because their is simply no other solution in the industry which meets the wide ranging needs of Real Estate offices. Our clients range from large, professionally managed Real Estate operations to small, newly opened offices run by top-producing salespeople. To service the needs of this diverse community, we build an application that is simple enough to be used by secretaries with no accounting education – but sophisticated enough to meet the analysis needs of large firm CFOs. We employ the technique called ‘extreme programming’ in our development process. This technique calls for having teams of developers work together to quickly develop new features or enhancements which can immediately begin gathering client feedback. The ‘feedback loop’ is at the core of extreme programming. In the ‘feedback loop’, the developers take a client idea, and turn it into a software feature. Then the clients begin giving feedback on the new feature. Next, the developers re-develop the feature based on the clients feedback and re-release. Then the process continues.

In FY 2005, AccountTECH released our web-reporting system: ATPerspective. This major enhancement took advantage of our position as the only hosted software solution for the Real Estate industry. With shrink-wrapped software installed on local computers, there is simply no practical way to web-publish for an office the way we could with ATPerspective. There is nothing more efficient than auto-publishing reports to the web – and there is no other way to significantly reduce staff labor. In 2014, AccountTECH replaced ATPerspective with TransactionPlan. AccountTECH is committed to continue the development of this revolutionary tool for the Real Estate industry.

AccountTECH’s main offices are currently located in the Technology corridor outside Boston along Route 128. Our Headquarter offices are located at:

574 Boston Road, Suite 8
Billerica, MA 01821