Email Campaigns

Email everyone about Anything

You have alot of people to stay in touch with.

Agents need to know about the latest listings, and upcoming expirations, as well as reminders that their pending transaction has gone past its close and the office needs updated closing info.

Sellers need to know that you are happy that they listed with your office and they need congratulations when they close.

CoBroke Agents that work in your community need to know that you would like them to come work at your office… and they need to be reminded of that fact on a regular basis.

Building on the AccountTECH email campaign foundation, you can do all of this and much, much more.

Sample Email campaigns created by AccountTECH and our users:

for Agents

  • Daily report of Company-wide new listings
  • Agent monthly Billing statement
  • Reminders that a closing is upcoming and paperwork needs to be turned in
  • Request updated closing dates on Past Due closings
  • Commission statements with the details of what closed today
  • Company newsletter

for Buyers & Sellers

  • Thank you for Listing with us
  • Congratulations on your home being under-agreement
  • Welcome to the neighborhood
  • Is it time for a price-reduction
  • One-year anniversary of your home purchase
  • Mortgage rates are down, is it time to refinance
  • Please stop by and see us at our booth during Town Celebration Days

for Recruits & RELO

  • Thank you for Selling our Listing
  • Congratulations on Closing this transaction with our office, maybe it is time that you started working here
  • Weekly message for potential recruits that are top producers
  • Reminder to Agents that got a RELO lead that you need an update
  • Community info for RELO leads or Lead Router leads