AT2000: AccountTECH’s Back Office Solution

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AT2000: AccountTECH’s Back Office Solution

– complete dash Replacement

AT2000 is at the center of all the automation that is possible with AccountTECH. This online, centralized, multi-user software holds all your transaction data. It starts by gathering your transaction data and photos from the MLS.

It allows your staff to modify transaction info through the life of the transaction – always with single point of entry. Start your transactions in MLS and continue them in AT2000.

No franchise data entry needed. No Accounting system data entry needed. Our program sends data to your franchise automatically. And it updates our web-based reporting system, as well as our web-based transaction managements system and our automated email campaign system.

For your Listings you can track more than the basic MLS data. You can track in depth Seller info OR insert Seller info from your company-wide Master Contacts list. Add Showings or Open Houses to your listings.

In our Integrated Transaction Timeline system, you can add a Marketing Plan Timeline task list – or a Required Paperwork task list (and then store the documents online).

The listing data is also the source for new listing emails and automated email thank you letters.

Pending Sales captures detailed buyer information as well as the expected closing dates, Selling Price & Forecasted Income for both the agent AND the office. On pending sales, you can do all your Escrow Banking and track all the vendors who are working on this sale ( Mortgage Co, Appraiser, etc ). This data fuels the online analysis reports for the Broker/Owner.

Closings are very simple in AT2000. Click the POST button and the transaction will be closed. The agent commission checks will print. The transaction will be closed in your franchise. The income will automatically POST to your financials. The Commission expense will automatically post as well. The Agent 1099 values are updated & if you did deductions for unpaid Agent bills, the Agent’s balance due is automatically reduced.