Company-wide Client Database

Master Contact List 

Organize information on contacts and leads for the entire office, maintain correspondence logs and reminders for individual agents and much more with this comprehensive management solution for managing your company’s contact list.

Online Documents 

Easy, convenient online access to transaction related documents for Buyers and Sellers, any time, anywhere. Access can also be granted to any individual who needs to see documents, from Mortgage Companies to Attorneys.

Action Plans  Contact Timeline list of tasks

Build a follow-up plan for turning a lead into a Buyer – or a potential recruit into a hire. Save a series of Action Plans for different types of contacts – and launch them to you calendar for easy-to-use reminders.

Internal Contact log Internal Contact Message log

Collaboration across all areas of the office are made much simpler with the message log, where agents and others can make notes and add important details as the transaction progresses.

Email / Text / Chat log 

When you communicate with your Sellers and Buyers thru TransactionPlan – every message you send is saved to a history log that protects you in the event of misunderstandings in the future.