AT for QuickBooks (ATQB)

AT for QuickBooks (ATQB)

Quickbooks (ATQB)
Keep  Quickbooks for all your General Accounting or move just Commission & Escrow banking to AccountTECH.

Use AccountTECH to/for:

use side-by-side WITH QuickBooks

MLS data pull

Reports & Checklists (AT2000 / TransactionPlan, & TransactionPlan)
Includes Document checklist setup for every transaction. Missing Doc memo for Agents via Printing or Email

Data Push
Pushing data to dash, Berkshire Hathaway Data Bridge, RE/MAX, Frames, etc.
Organize your Transaction data

Escrow accounting
includes checks, deposits & reconciliations
State required Escrow forms included for FL, NC, SC, etc.
Support multiple Escrow bank accounts: checks, deposits, reconciliations
Transaction Management

Commission Calculations / Accounting:
Agent Commissions calculated automatically based on their program
Customized commission calculations let you vary Agents Net based on Lead Source
Commission checks printed and posted to GL (General Ledger)
Support multiple Commission bank accounts: checks, deposits, reconciliations
Commission Income & Expense posted by Office for Profit & Loss by Office
Deductions from Commission for balances due are posted automatically to A/R
Lead links for commission calculations
Franchise Payments due on closings calculated and Posted automatically
Handle Commission deduction for IRA or other Savings plans
Handle closings at Title Company OR in-office