AT for Quickbooks (ATQB)

AT for Quickbooks

  • Keep Quickbooks for all your General Accounting
    or move just Commission & Escrow banking to AccountTECH

    • Use AccountTECH for MLS data pull
    • Use AccountTECH for pushing data to dash,
      Prudential Data Bridge, Frames, etc.
    • Use AccountTECH to Organize your Transaction data
    • Use AccountTECHfor Reports
    • Use AccountTECH for Commission accounting
    • Use AccountTECH for Escrow accounting
    • Use AccountTECH for Transaction Management
    • Use AccountTECH for Email campaigns
  • Agent Commissions calculated automatically based on their program

    • Commission checks printed and posted to GL (General Ledger)
    • Commission Income & Expense posted by Office for Profit & Loss by Office
    • Deductions from Commission for balances due are posted automatically to A/R
    • Franchise Payments due on closings calculated and Posted automatically
    • Handles Commission deduction for IRA or other Savings plans
    • Handles closings at Title Company OR in-office
    • Produce 1099 for Agents / CoBroke / Referral / Vendors
  • Escrow Accounting includes checks, deposits & reconciliations
    • State required Escrow forms included for FL, NC, SC, etc.
  • Lead links for commission calculations
    • Customized commission calculations let you vary Agents Net based on Lead Source.
  • Document checklist setup for every transaction. Missing Doc memo for Agents via Printing or Email
  • Banking
    • Support multiple Commission bank accounts: checks, deposits, reconciliations
    • Support multiple Escrow bank accounts: checks, deposits, reconciliations