AT Accounting Suite (AT Suite)

AT Accounting Suite (AT Suite)

AT Suite is comprehensive Accounting software and a Real Estate office management software that is designed to handle all the different needs of today’s “full-service” oriented Real Estate sales organizations. Running a Real Estate office requires good accounting practices, but also, tracking listings, sending email, setting showing appointments, forecasting, creating end-of-month franchise production reports – the list seems to go on and on.

AT Suite handles all of these tasks in one simple, intuitive application. Think of it as a Data Warehouse, where everything that is important to know is all stored in one easy-to-use, organized place.

Though the software is built to be fully compliant with G.A.A.P. (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)- the user interface and all the features have been developed by listening to employees at all levels of a Real Estate company. This software feels familiar, as soons as you see it, because it was built for people who do what you do – sell a lot of Real Estate.

AccountTECH software is easy to use. First, the data entry screens were developed to be used by receptionists ( not CPAs ). All the features are easy to use and intuitive to understand. The system is designed for the reality that secretaries and receptionists in a Real Estate firm are constantly being interrupted, so the system is designed to let the user ‘pick up and put down’ their work without loosing their place. The accounting work is hidden from the user and works in the background so that financial entries are being made ‘behind the scenes’ as the user moves through their day.

One of the biggest challenges to all enterprise-wide software systems is that once you have all the information gathered… how do you distribute the information to all the people in the office that need it? AT2000 solves that problem with TransactionPlan. TransactionPlanis our web-based, report distribution tool that automatically creates reports, graphs, analysis, invoices, payables – in fact, everything that everyone in your office needs to succeed. Broker/Owners, Sales Managers, Agents … there is a version of TransactionPlan for everyone that has all the reports they need without the staff having to do anything.